Final Presentations

The kids met with the majored minor classes for the last full class period yesterday. Though the goodbyes are going to be sad, we had very successful and fun presentations from each class!

During the day, the acting major went on a field trip to the Warner Brothers production company. They got to see the Ellen set, sit on the Central Perk couch from Friends, sit in the living from the The Big Bang Theory, see the real costumes from Aquaman and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and even more! They got to learn all of the history of Warner Brothers and some insider secrets too; and even filmed their own Harry Potter scenes on broomsticks in front of a green screen!

We then got to see what all of the students have been up to all month when they presented final projects to everybody.

After great day of presentations, many of the kids went out to dinner in their formal-wear and we ended with a casino night and dance party where the kids all got very invested in their poker game with one of our deans, Josh, dealing.