A Quiet Day at Home

As the final week winds down, students are spending much of their time and energy preparing for their final presentations. Instead of taking a field trip, we decided to spend a quiet time at home in order to allow them to do so.

On Friday, psychology students will present their research findings on ideal study habits and museum layouts. Those in the photography class will prepare an exhibition of their own photos for their classmates to admire. Game design students have been busy working on their very own video games, which they will allow us all to test out and play! Creative writing students will share the scripts they have written with us, and, as mentioned yesterday, the speech and debate students will perform a debate on animal testing.

After a morning of hard work in their classrooms, we took our kids out to the pool area for some relaxing fun and games. Everyone enjoyed taking a good break from their studies by swimming in the pool, playing an intense game of ninja, or lounging on the deck chairs. One of us — Kelli — even took an unexpected swim (thanks Lu!).

After dinner, we took a little bit more time to finish up some schoolwork. Students were given an hour to complete unfinished work, add finishing touches, or read their favorite books.

Finally, we ended the night with one more round of trivia, which has proved to be a camp-wide favorite. Questions included:

Q: What was Sara forced to remove from her dorm room floor?
A: 3 M&Ms

Q: How many packages of fruit snacks did Kate purchase from Costco?
A: 42

Q: What did Hinano spend all afternoon looking for at Disneyland?
A: French fries!

After trivia, a couple students chose to stay downstairs and play a couple rounds of Uno with Annie and Kelli. Others went upstairs to rest up before their classes tomorrow morning. Goodnight!