The Heatwave: Part 2

We have had yet another sweltering day in Cambridge, with temperatures soaring to 31 degrees Celsius (88 Fahrenheit for our overseas readers) and our students have again taken this in their strides. Today has seen a multitude of different activities and classes being conducted outside of the classroom; taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings that we find ourselves in.

Our Terrorism Studies class again combined forces with Modern Politics to conduct study and debate in Peterhouse’s scholar’s garden; a stunning area within the college walls that allows our students to leave the classroom and to take in the environment whilst working.


What a fine day for studying

Outside of the planned lessons, our activities directors again made full use of the beautiful weather and had several fantastic activities available for our students to take part in.

A number of students today went to Fitzbillies for traditional Tea and Cakes; Fitzbillies is a Cambridge institution renowned for its storied history and its incredible edible goods. It appears everyone was fully immersed in the cultural experience and had a fantastic time trying out what was on offer!

As in accordance with Cambridge tradition, punting was once again on the agenda. With a city as beautiful as this that is accessible by water, it would be rude not to go punting as soon as the sun comes out!

Finally, in the evening we were treated to a very topical talk by Dr Joelle Grogan; Oxford Graduate and senior lecturer at Middlesex University London. The topics covered included the likes of the UK’s future in a post-brexit climate, the current state of Government and further political and legal implications that may arise from the Brexit process. Our students attended in large numbers and responded well to the complex topics.

We are now looking forward to our field trip to London tomorrow; with temperatures set to soar up to 38 celsius, we know we’re set for a busy and wonderful day in the capital.


All the best and admin love xo