From Boba to Boba Fett

This morning, students began working on their final presentations for their major and minor classes. We were especially excited to hear about the beginning stages of our Speech and Debate students’ final debate on animal testing, which they will perform for us on Friday.

After their classes and a filling lunch at the dining hall, we headed back down to Westwood for a final Target run and a round of boba on us. While most kids enjoyed their drinks, a few quickly realized that it’s an acquired taste. We might have heard one student exclaim, “this isn’t tea… this is horrible!”

After stopping by Brandy Melville and Rocket Fizz — to the kids’ delight — we headed back to campus for a phone-free family dinner (a staff favorite). Finally, we ended our night by continuing our Star Wars movie marathon with the well-loved fifth episode, The Empire Strikes Back. Because the experience was complete with popcorn, leftover birthday cake, and lots of candy, every student seemed very content.

Tomorrow, we head to Universal Studios for our final off-campus field trip. We are very excited, and will let you know every detail!