The Final Exhibitions!

Greetings to all NYCE students and parents!

Today, the major classes debuted their final exhibitions. Each class had projects they have been working on the for the duration of their classes, and the students were proud to share all of their hard work!

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.17.14 PM

Amelia pictured with her photographs.


Lucy sharing her project! 

From designing apps for phones, to showcasing their talents in a Coffeehouse session which is a space where classes shared different styles of writing, students expressed excitement and knowledge during their presentations and performances.


A poster prepared by one of our students discussing equality.


Students sharing their work with others! 


Siena presenting her project! 

A project that has been in the works for the Politics and Human Rights major was Period Projects for People (PPP). PPP has been collecting pads and tampons outside of the elevators for the past week. These bins have requested unopened period products to be donated to homeless shelters in the area. This group collected a significant amount of products to be donated, and showcased their accomplishments today.


PPP group presentation.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.21.02 PM.png

Students sipping their sparkling cider at the art exhibition. 

The Musical Theater students also showcased their talents during their performance this evening. With numbers from Mamma Mia!, Chicago, and Waitress, the students dazzled the crowd!

blog 6

The Musical Theater poster!

blog 1

The Musical Theater performance in action!

blog 2

The Musical Theater performance in action!

blog 3

The Musical Theater performance in action!

blog 4

Katelynn performing!

blog 5.jpg

Lingman performing!