The Janus Festival!!!

Yesterday the Lifers took on a special task of showing the Second Seshers the ropes of how CamTrad works as well as the city of Cambridge.  So individual staircases took to the streets touring around new comers as well as getting creative by trying to capture the essence of Cambridge, Jesus College, and CamTrad all in one photo; incentive being their generosity and openness towards inclusion…as well as points going towards their court in the competition to come…

Library III at first place with this very imaginative take on the telephone boxes!!!

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And the runner ups….!

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Then after the tours, a special event was held at Jesus College to unite the different housing courts (Library, North, and Chapel) in glorious competition!!  Lifers and Second Seshers combined their talents and determination to come together and participate in the activities of football, giant jenga, egg-spoon race, the human knot, the spelling bee, the geography quiz, relay races, and the pitch perfect riff off.  It was a time of coming together and just having some plain good ole fun…as well as winning the grand prize of a pizza party with CamTrad Director Greg Gonzalez!

And the winner is…Library Court!!!

But it’s not all about winning…


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Human Knot:

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Pitch Perfect Riff Off: