Spanish Minor Class

Hi, my name is Sofia Roman and I´m from Laredo, Texas. A few days ago in my minor Spanish class, we had the opportunity of going to my professor´s house to meet a young athletic woman from Spain named Ingrid Pino. When talking to Ingrid as a group, we learned about her story of how she fell in love with running from the very start, and what sacrifices she had to make to get where she is now. I found our conversations very interesting and took in as much information as I could. She gave us healthy lifestyle tips on how to eat, exercise on a daily basis, focus on school, and dream big big dreams. From our long conversation, what shocked me the most was when she told us how her lifestyle was when she was in college. She told us that she would usually run in the mornings, go to school and study, and then train again afterwards. In between of all of this, she would squeeze in her homework, take small breaks, and eat. By the end of the day she was always exhausted but that never stopped her. She continued to wake up early and follow her dreams. Now she currently works and still trains hoping to one day reach the Olympics and make her community proud. She is a true person to look up to and it was a pleasure to meet her.