Girls (and Guys) Just Wanna Have Sun

Once again, we had a late start after a late night. Today, we headed to another beach, but this one seemed to be the best one yet. Our day was filled with plenty of sun, tons of waves, and lots of warm sand. When some of the girls got tired of being tossed around by the waves, we took them to get acai bowls, Pressed Juicery, and go shopping. The streets next to Manhattan Beach had tons of stores and after a little searching we found some great deals. They even bought some friendship rings and finger monsters (follow them on Instagram @finger.monsters).

After we finished our day at the beach, we headed back to campus. They got some time to clean their room before room inspections, and then headed down to dinner. Later, they took a walk around campus during golden hour — it made for some pretty great pictures. We finished our night by starting a Star Wars marathon, which we hope to complete before the week is done.

Tomorrow, they’re headed to their final week of classes to start preparing for their final presentations. We can’t wait to see them!