Day 22 of NYCE (Coffee House + Fashion Show)

Greetings to all NYCE students and parents!


This afternoon we had our Coffee House Program, which allowed students to share what they worked on during their summer with us. Students and faculty members alike gathered to hear from students in the Creative Writing Major & Minor, Journalism Minor, and Speech & Debate Minor. Snacks and, of course, coffee were provided.

Creative Writing Major and Minor: Students shared their collection of poems and short stories. The students’ work was inspired by historical events, such as the 1911 NYC Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, as well as more recent cultural/political events.

Journalism MinorStudents read pieces they crafted themselves after conducting research on political and social change that took place in Harlem, New York. Example topics included expanded LGBTQ+ rights in Harlem and poetry during the Harlem Renaissance. 

Speech & Debate Minor: Students in this course demonstrated their critical thinking and communication skills via lively debates. Discission topics were: (1) Should standardized student evaluations across the US be allowed? and (2) Should genetic manipulation of embryos (“designer babies”) be forbidden?

Afterward, everyone who attended was invited to share their own thoughts on what had been shared.








Fashion Show

In the evening, we had our Fashion Show! The theme was “Throughout the Decades: 1960s – 2000s”. Students in the Fashion major walked down the runway in outfits inspired by each decade. The music in the background matched each era. Fashion minor students, on the other hand, reflected the theme of “Decades” via moodboards, a collage of ideas and feelings often used for inspiration. The moodboards focused on renowned fashion icons throughout the years, such as Audrey Hepburn and David Bowie.





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