An Ode to Second Week…

With the sun shining on us, our students took part in some more fun activities to round off a glorious week! Cake decorating in the JCR brought forth creativity and smiles all round.


Out in the garden, many students tried out croquet, a popular game here in Oxford:

The rules of Croquet are quite simple: players take turns using wooden mallets to try and hit their dense plastic ball through little hoops. To win, they must race through the hoops in a certain order and finish by striking a wooden post, knotched with colours. It seems like a very civilised sport but it can get super competitive!

After the croquet and dinner, our young Oxpreppers came together for a whole cohort assembly and staircase group sessions before the evening was over- we also had a showing of Mulan, to many excited faces 🙂

What’s hard to believe, as our director Greg said today, is that we’re now over halfway through the Program! Our activities continue full steam ahead and its been wonderful to see how the students have come together and enjoyed themselves while learning.

Until tomorrow…