Schools out for Session 1

Thursday marked the end of a session 1 and the culmination of two weeks’ hard work and intense learning. The classes ended with presentations of students work, whereby students could go round to different classes and enjoy their peers work.

We were certainly very impressed with how far the students had progressed and the wide variety of talent on show! Here are some snippets of some of the classes…


The Psychology class wrapped up their session today with student presentations on their final topics – their own psychological experiment. Topics ranged from how fashion affects the way people make friendships, to differences in people’s memories.



The International Relations class were debating whether or not to intervene in a humanitarian crisis in Syria, roleplaying as different government representatives.




The Law Class took took part in a moot, involving a complicated sleepwalking murder/manslaughter case. It was very impressive!



The Criminology class also mimicked a courtroom set up and had the prosecution and defence argue their cases.



The Behavioural Economics class presenting on water conservation:



The Espionage and Future of War classes collaborated to act out a simulation of a diplomatic crisis:



The Creative Writing class and Law students were broken into teams with the task of writing a sonnet about their home towns.


The Big Data class had a variety of presentations from crime prevention to calculating insurance rates.

Big Data final presentations (1)


Meanwhile the Photography and Architecture classes combined to present a stunning exhibition of all their work to their peers…







What a great contribution to knowledge the students have made!