War Games Descend Upon Jesus College

The Future of War class recently joined forces with the Espionage class to simulate a global war game that concluded with war in Europe! Students played roles that included President Donald Trump (Max), President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid (Maddy), and President Vladimir Putin (Haya). After a brief look at the press briefings it is easy to see why everything ended with war, and not with a peace deal being brokered!

CamTrad 2019 War Game Press Briefings


Tensions have been steadily rising in the Baltic states as ongoing exercises in Russia’s Western Military District have been taking places. Concerns that this exercise would be used as a cover to undertake grey zone activity in the region have proved true. As of 09h00 this morning, reports have been coming in of masked, unmarked soldiers on the ground of Estonia. These armed men have been spotted in the North Eastern region of the country, in the countryside outside of Narva, near the border to Russia. Despite carrying modern military equipment, these soldiers have no distinguishing insignias on their uniform. Russia has denied any affiliation to them, but the Estonian government remains fearful that a hybrid warfare operation is taking place given the similar events that took place in Ukraine in 2014. The only statement Russia has come out and made is that ethnic Russian minorities in Estonia are not being protected by the Estonian government, and that Russia feels compelled to protect all its people, whether they live in Russia or not.