“Make new friends, but keep the old”

Today has proved to be a challenging day for both students and staff alike. For those who may be unaware, our programme is currently split in half with some students who depart after the first two weeks. This has meant that we have both been extremely excited at welcoming new students but also very sad at the prospect of leaving those who we have called family for the past two weeks.

Admin and teachers woke up before the crack of dawn to accompany some of our students to the airports, after being given some very tearful goodbyes.

Those who were staying for the full programme decided to take a trip to Bletchley Park for some guided tours and fun bonding time together.


Once all new students had been checked in and the old ones returned, we sat down for another delightful three-course dinner together, mingling and chatting away. This was then followed by our staircase meetings where students got the chance to further encounter those they had not previously met.

Students then were able to mingle in the JCR during a joint mixer and successfully integrated the new students much to our delight.



We’re shattered! Tune in tomorrow for another successful day at CamPrep!

Much love,
The CamPrep Admin Team xo