Becoming Hollywood Stars

After students completed their majors and minors this morning, we hopped on the bus and took Sunset Boulevard all the way down to the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

We weaved in and out of the huge crowds gathered on Hollywood Boulevard to find the names of all of our favorite Hollywood celebrities written on the sidewalk’s stars. Keanu Reaves was the biggest hit. We were also shocked to find out that Minnie Mouse counted as a celebrity!

Students were also excited to browse the numerous souvenir shops that line the street, take a look around the BTS store, snap photos with Spiderman and a snake handler, and to eat some deliciously unhealthy soft pretzels and candy.

After arriving back on campus and eating dinner at our favorite dining hall, students had the opportunity to hang out with and learn from a professional voice actor! AJ, who is both a theatre professor and the voice of Crush the turtle at Disneyland’s California Adventure, first taught us how to better warm up our face muscles before performing and how to project our voices while on stage. Then, we played some completely hilarious theatre games that had us all falling over with laughter. Not only did our students learn a few vocal tools that they can apply in classes like Speech and Debate and Creative Writing, we also saw every single student, including the shyest of the shy, break out of their shells and be absolutely, unapologetically goofy. We are so happy!