Visiting the Getty Center

Today our students got to visit one of UCLA’s most impressive next-door neighbors: the Getty Center! Our week of exploring Los Angeles’ array of art museums would’ve been incomplete without a trip to the Getty Center, located just across the 405 freeway from our campus. Perched high on a hill that museum visitors use a tram to access, the Getty offers stunning views of the city and impeccable gardens in addition to its permanent and rotating art collections. Students took in mega-famous paintings like Vincent Van Gogh’s “Irises” and religious art, including a new exhibit on medieval bestiary.

The gorgeous central garden at the Getty Museum certainly holds its own with the art inside the building!

After the Getty Center trip, our students beat the heat with a trip to the UCLA Sunset Recreation Center – lots of water sports, resting in the shallow end, and, of course, beach volleyball!

It was certainly a warm day, but nothing a nice pool and a little air conditioning couldn’t fix. Many students also ended their day with board games in our office and Disney movies in the lounge. Tomorrow, we’ll see more of the Getty collection at another amazing LA treasure, the Getty Villa. We’ll keep you posted!