And the Winner Is…

Today, students went on their last field trips with their major classes. Speech and Debate went to the Last Bookstore and Bottega Louie, Creative Writing visited the Margaret Herrick Library, and Game Design received a tour of the Trigger Games headquarters, where they were shown previews of new Snapchat filters not yet available to the public. The Last Bookstore is an airy book and record store offering new and used items in a multilevel space adorned with local art. The Margaret Herrick Library, where the students were able to hold a real Oscar trophy, archives almost all academy nominated and winning scripts, such as the one for Captain America: Civil War. Trigger Game Studios is a company heavily focused on augmented reality (AR) games. They had the chance to speak to members who work closely with Leggo Corp. and those who designed games and movies such as Spiderman and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

After their field trips, students had lunch and paired up to work on their final exhibitions. After reviewing one another’s projects, students enjoyed their evening of outdoor sports complete with three events: capture the flag, soccer, and a final coin scavenger hunt. This activity, along with the Kent Casino Night, Talent Show, and both Quiz Nights, were major game changers. The Gold Team, who used to be down by more than 1,300 Prep Points, won the entire competition at the end of our Sports Night today. To wrap up the day’s activities, the students divided into four teams to search for 250 glowsticks hidden in vending machines, microwaves, underneath tables, and in the laundry room.

The winning Gold Team members were able to have one friend on the Blue Team wait in line for them to grab their entrees while they enjoyed their appetizer of soup, fruits, or salad first. Unsurprisingly, these wonderful children had amazing sportsmanship and were content with bragging rights as opposed to another student acting as their waiter for one meal. Their last two prizes were a snack from the “Treasure Chest” and a night trip to Westwood’s Target, Sip Boba Shop, and their favorite: In-N-Out.

All students took full advantage of their time today and showed amazing leadership regardless of which Bruin Battles team they were on. They will definitely have a good night’s rest after becoming jaded from today’s schoolwork, sports, scavenger hunts, and nighttime field trip.P1010019P1010031