We’ve come, to the end of the road…

It was quite the final day at the OxPrep. Several classes held conferences and presentations:  Medical Science and Biotech came together for a medical conference, where they discussed various case studies, while psychology presented their research projects. Meanwhile, many of the other classes had completed their final presentations yesterday, thus they celebrated their success by having picnics, playing creative games, and enjoying their last few hours together.

After an afternoon of tidying rooms and packing, our Preppers came down to the Third Quad dressed to the nines, ready for our final banquet, awards ceremony, and dance.

Our teachers were so impressed with our students, they all admitted to having a difficult time choosing their award winners! But, choose they did and what a talent group of students they are! And Aaric L was rewarded for all his participation and assistance with the activities with the Activities Award.

Class Student
Architecture (Minor) Elizabeth F
Biotechnology (Major) Catherine M
Business and Finance (Major) William Ma
Computer Science & App Design (Minor) Aria A
Creative Writing (Major) Peter Z
CSI Oxford (Major) Vanessa W
Drama (Minor) Grayson B
Engineering (Major) Visal S
Genetics (Minor) Rajshree U
International Relations (Major) Alex N
Journalism & Modern Media (Major) Katie J
Law and Society (Major) Maria G
Literature and the Fantastic (Major) Annabelle K
Medical Science (Major) Arhum N
Philosophy (Minor) Maddie C
Photography (Minor) Caroline L
Psychology (Major) Kate R
Speech & Debate (Major) Aanya A
Studio Art (Major) Sofia L

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Following the awards, our crew headed to town hall to dance the night away. Please visit our instagram feed @oxprep for more photos!

The dance was grand fun, but, the Prepper fun had to come to a close. They said their goodbyes, gave lots of hugs, and then tucked into bed to get a wee bit of sleep before their flights in the morning.

We’ve a busy day of departures tomorrow, until then!