Oxbridge at UCLA Prep’s Got Talent

Today started off on a sad note as we all said our goodbyes to August, who left the program a bit earlier than others. Three students cried, while another student said he was crying on the inside since his tear ducts were dry. The silver lining is that students are looking forward to going home to family soon! Finally, they can give loved ones their presents and share endless stories about their activities.

After major and minor classes, we took a stroll down into Westwood Village to buy milk tea with boba, also known as bubble tea. There were mixed reviews about the bubble tea flavors: blueberry, watermelon matcha, jasmine milk tea, and lychee oolong milk tea. They agreed, however, that the texture of boba being both liquid-like and chewy is very unique, and worth trying at least once on their trip in Los Angeles. After boba, students spent thirty minutes around Westwood Village where there were three different UCLA merchandise stores, Target, and Brandy Melville, among other stores.

Upon returning to campus, students had plenty of free time to help each other prepare for their final presentations on Friday and practice their talents for the evening’s talent show. We saw many sharings of sketches, lip-syncing performances and even a magic act. First place was awarded to Robert, who shared his leather black sketchbook of detailed Marvel drawings. Second place went to Rola and Ashley: a dynamic duo and roommate pair, who performed Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Lastly, Hannah, Assata, and Claudia won third place. Their group lip-synced OMI’s “Cheerleader.”

At the end of the night, students played a couple of rounds of Egyptian War, hung out in the hallway on our floor, and checked-in early in preparation for tomorrow’s early start.