Universal with the Best Kids in the Universe

After students majors, we boarded a short bus ride to Universal Studios, a field trip students said they’ve been “saving money for” this whole month! First, the students enjoyed their Subway sandwiches, tortilla chips with a hint of lime, fig newtons, and extra crispy Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies at the picnic area near Universal’s beautiful fountains. Later, the students quickly separated into three groups to rush over to the Walking Dead Haunted House. Many students demonstrated that they were even braver than some of our faculty!

Later, students went on almost every ride – if not all rides – in the park. The most popular rides were Jurassic Park, with an 85 foot drop, Revenge of the Mummy, which swung backwards and scared everyone with scarab beetles at our feet, their famous Studio Tour with multiple simulations and sound stages where more than 8,000 movies and TV shows were filmed, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. One group was able to ride Revenge of the Mummy four times, due to the 5-10 minute wait at the end of the day. One student summed Universal Studios well. He described Universal’s rides as “quality over quantity” as opposed to Disneyland’s “quantity over quality.” Several students were intrigued with the Universal and Disneyland rivalry, and loved wearing their Mickey and Minnie shirts and hats, which caused a worker to comment, “Hey! I really like that rat on your shirt!”

After gift shopping and last minute runs to buy soft serve ice cream or Dippin’ Dots, students returned back to campus and rushed to bed to rest for their classes the next morning.