Grand Day at Grand Central Market, Grand Park, and More!

Today, we spent our day downtown. We started our day at Grand Central Market: a space packed with all sorts of different restaurants and stores selling anything from authentic mexican cuisine to gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The students ate lunch at the market and explored the area in groups before taking the iconic Angels Flight Railway up to a plaza by the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and The Broad Museum of Art.

Walking past beautiful fountains and sculptures, we arrived at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Immediately, the students fell in love with the interior and exterior architecture of the $265 million concert hall. The lobby design was inspired by nature, because Disney’s wife, Lillian, loved gardens, and the outside, with its sleek golden panels and sharp points, is incomparable to any other building in the city. Fortunately, the “Big Sing,” a choral performance, had spare tickets for our group. We took this opportunity without hesitation to have the best view in the audience. Together, we sang the last two songs – “Dirait-on” and “This Land Is Your Land” – before continuing our excursion.

After leaving the concert, we walked to the nearby Grand Park to rest and play for a bit before continuing on to our next destination. Once everyone caught their breath, the group wandered over to Olvera street – “the birthplace of Los Angeles.” This marketplace is home to a wide variety Mexican restaurants, street vendors, and gift shops, and preserves early Californian cultures and customs.

We continued our voyage to Union Station, where students admired the old architecture and stopped to get drinks before the bus picked us up to take us back to the campus. After dinner, kids signed up for Wednesday’s talent night and gambled with plastic coins in an exciting Kent tournament.