The final night’s surprise with Oxbridge!

Farewell! Au revoir! Hasta la vista! Auf Wiedersehen! Sayonara!

A potpourri of ways to bid farewell to one another in a multitude of languages, representative of our diverse student body spanning across almost all the world’s continents. A multitude of cultures and traditions, yet, universal in conveying the same amount of emotions that are felt when one departs from a sense of familiarity.

The final hours of the programme here in Boston seemed almost perennial in their own charming way, which the students making each and every moment of their time count and cherishing the time they could spend amongst their friends, as well as with their teachers. Tears were shed, laughs were had, and at the end, smiles reverberated bright throughout the chilly night as students ended their time here on a high note, writing notes of farewell to one another.

Our admin team decided to unveil a final surprise for the students to commemorate the end of the programme and the start of new beginnings: a sunset cruise, set on Boston’s very own harbour and sea shores! Ecstatic shouts of glee emanated from our group at the exhibition event as soon as the surprise was revealed, as students couldn’t help but feel excited and anticipate the fun times they would have aboard the vessel.

Before venturing out to Boston Harbour to board the cruise, the students were treated to a sumptuous dinner with delicious pizzas and sides on offer, followed by delectable and iconic desserts from Mike’s Pastries including cannolis and lobster pastries. What a way for them to remember their time in Boston!

Once the students were able to get on-board the cruise, they were greeted to the passionate soliloquies and anecdotes of our effervescent tour guide, Declan, a Scotsman who narrated a tale of great fervour via his historical tour of the bay and harbour. The cruise foraged to all ends of Boston which jutted across the harbour, with the tour guide identifying famous landmarks such as George’s Island, Castle Island, Spectacle Island, and Logan Airport. We concluded the cruise by visiting the site of the USS Constitution, where the wood-hulled frigate fired out voracious cannon-shots to signal sundown.

As the sun set ever so gallantly over the city, and the programme, students reflected upon memories they made that will forever connect them to this city, and each other. We couldn’t have had a better way to diminish the glow from CEB 2018, and we thank you all for your support throughout this programme!