Skating through Saturday

Saturday may have started a little grey and rainy looking, but it certainly did not end up being so!

The Majors were doing some pretty awesome things this morning, from growing synthetic muscle and fat tissue in Biotech, to Business and Finance explaining their portfolio management! Literature and the Fantastic discussed animals and their role in fantastical literature, Creative Writing prepared their pieces for publication, Engineering built some new wings for their planes, Journalism critiqued each other’s stories, and Medical Science had a visiting lecturer.

After major and assemblies, about half the program headed to the Oxford Ice rink for some skating! This is one of the best activities as some of our Preppers have never seen an ice rink let alone skated. Everyone was supportive, helpful, and having a good laugh as they gained ice time.

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Several other Preppers headed off on the Salters Steamers Boat Cruise and had a scenic trip along the Isis. Afterwards, Jorge, our Engineering teacher brought in an excellent guest speaker who discussed Nuclear Fusion with the students.

Tomorrow, as it is Sunday, will be a relatively relaxed day with some activities in the evening! Until then!