Getty-ing to Know and Love These Kids Even More!

After majors and minors today, students took a short bus ride to the J. Paul Getty Museum to admire European paintings, drawings, collectable furniture, tapestries, sculptures, and illuminated manuscripts. On the balcony of the Getty, students were actually able to see the congested 405 and the UCLA campus and its beautiful Spanish architecture. At the museum, students learned a lot about philanthropist J. Paul Getty, saw Vincent Van Gogh’s original “Irises,” “Wheatstacks,” Claude Monet’s first series, dressers and chairs that were specially made for King Louis XVI of France, and strolled through Robert Irwin’s central garden. It was great to see students interested in the artwork and comfortable enough to ask questions such as, “Who slept in this bed before?” or “Whoa, is this really made out of wood, not metal?” The students seemed to have enjoyed this museum far more than others, because Oxbridge Executive Michele Klapper’s good friend gave an in person tour packed with information.

Upon returning to campus, students ate shrimp linguine pasta, BBQ brisket, salads, and clam chowder with generous chunks of clam inside! Afterward, we played a second round of jeopardy, this time with a larger variety of questions and the ability to “phone a friend” once throughout the entire game. The most popular categories were trivia, past activities, and Marvels, which had won by a landslide. Jeopardy helped the Blue Team push further ahead than the Gold Team, whose resilience and persistence is respectable to say the least. We cannot wait to witness several impressive performances at tomorrow’s Lip Sync Contest and Talent Night!P1000366.JPG