NYCE – Meet the Staff!

NYCE Staff 2018

The Oxbridge NYCE Residential staff is hard at work preparing for your arrival on Monday. Alyx, the program executive coordinator, has booked all the rooms, and I have already met with the full faculty. There are 3 deans, who all come from private schools from all corners of the USA. There are 4 activity directors who are planning fun events for every day of your stay here at Barnard College. There are also 3 program assistants here to help with anything you need – from restaurant recommendations to helping you navigate the subway. I asked everyone to share some fun facts about themselves:


Meg – “I am a twin!”

Scott – “I live on a volcano!”

Viviana – “I’m from Puerto Rico and I am bilingual.”



Jonathan – “I am a documentary filmmaker.”

Mika – “I speak 4 languages.”

Sarah – “I make organic lipsticks.”

Becky – “I’ve studied karate for a decade and have the highest level of brown belt.”



Mira – “I once found a 1000 year-old spearhead on an archaeological excavation in New Mexico.”

Michelle – “I was on the state championship tennis team in high school.”

Althea – “I worked at Firefly Music Festival and got to meet the artists and see the headliners.”

Please email or call us +1 434-282-6959 if you have any questions.  We have all the flight details you gave us and we will have members of staff at Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia airport, meeting flights from before dawn until 10:30 pm. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

Safe travels!!

Bon voyage!


удачной поездки!

¡Que tengas un buen viaje!