‘A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine’

Majors got off to a great start today as the Economics and Psychology classes had a lively joint lesson on behavioural economics, discussing market failures, and collaborative vs individualist societies. Students rose to the challenge of discussing their differing viewpoints to create a highly successful lesson. The Medicine major visited the John Radcliffe Hospital for this week’s major students to have a turn suturing a lamb’s heart!

The Medicine minor continued this hands on approach with a lesson involving CPR practice in the auditorium.DSCN5896

In typical English fashion, the summer weather resembled a rainy autumnal day. In consideration of this we elected to punt in tomorrow’s predicted sunshine, so instead students were treated to a tour of the Ashmolean Museum, the University’s museum of art and archaeology. Founded in 1683, it houses an extraordinarily diverse collection.


DSCN6182DSCN6179Ferris Bueller’s Day off was screened in the auditorium for those who preferred to hide from the weather.

This evening students attended a talk with Luka Katic in Corpus Christi Auditorium – ‘Empathy: Good or Bad?’. We’re looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow!