Today on the program Critical Thinking spent their major discussing Baudrillard’s hyperreality theory and considering ‘real’ experiences, which prompted a discussion on a variety of topics, even including sleep paralysis. Economics students had a lesson on notable economists associated with Oxford, and listened to a topical presentation given by one half of the class which focused on the economics of bitcoin, as well as taking a tour of Balliol College.  DSCN5354DSCN5368

After lunch students went to the Pitt Rivers Museum, which houses a vast array of archaeological and anthropological collections. There they received an introductory talk followed by a talk from a fellow of the museum, who explained the history of the museum which was founded in 1884. Highlights included the cabinet of shrunken heads from the upper Amazon, and the stories students wrote as they explored!DSCN5495

Touch rugby was enthusiastically led by several PA-ADs who ignored the threat of rain to run a great session. Other students pursued the slightly more leisurely activity of an exploration of the Jericho area of the city, Oxford’s famous bohemian area.

Students were additionally again given the opportunity to attend a performance of Much Ado About Nothing in Wadham College Garden, and others went to hear the latest performance of ‘Early English Music by Candlelight’ at Exeter College Chapel. We’re all looking forward to the penultimate day of the seminar this week!