Thursday Trivia

Today in Oxford the intermittent English sunshine made a brief appearance, leading the Politics class to make the most of the weather by taking their class out on the balcony, while the Psychology class discussed evolutionary psychology. The Business class followed suit with a visit to Trinity College and looked around the quad.

DSCN5245After their minors this afternoon, students attended a talk by founder of the Program, Professor Basker, in Corpus Christi Auditorium on ‘Why Literature Matters: The Example of the Antislavery Campaign’.

This evening a BBQ was served in Corpus Christ Fellows’ Garden as we continue to make use of the (somewhat unpredictable) summer weather!


This was followed by a raucous jam-packed  evening of Trivia night, in a bid for the first prize of afternoon tea at the Grand Cafe. Wits were tested but the Seminar students excelled in categories ranging from the history of Oxford to popular music. Students then settled down to watch ‘Johnny English’, before another busy day begins!