Showcase finale!

Hi all!

The CamPrep Program is coming to an end, culminating in a massive variety of final projects, including amazing visual displays and presentations.

The filmmaking students have been shooting the final scenes of their short film the past few days. Since then, they have been in the editing room to put everything together for the final showcase.

Math and Nature major students spent the morning discussion the various complexities of Integration, and all engaged enthusiastically with this difficult topic. Everyone picked up the topic very quickly, and it’s great to see them progress so much throughout this course.


The final showcase is in full swing, with really great displays and presentations by all the students. To see how much work they have done in just a few weeks is amazing, and all the students loved the opportunity to show off their work and see all the hard work of their fellow students.

This evening saw a debate between Law students about a land dispute between Chile and Bolivia, which is currently being discussed in the Hague. The judges and the audience ended up siding with Chile after much deliberation, but every participant made a persuasive and articulate argument.


The Drama students gave a performance this evening, which involved some of them playing the cast of the TV show ‘Friends’ as they were watching TV. Each TV scene that was watched was then played out by a separate group of the students, including ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Amadeus’, ‘The Office’ and ‘Mean Girls’.


The Major and Minor short films were then screened. They were really amazing in their own right, but even more impressive considering that the students had no prior experience, and only had a few weeks to learn about film theory, write and shoot the films, and then edit them. The two films were rounded off with a combined blooper reel that showed how much fun the students had recording. The directors then did a Q&A with the audience, answering questions about the production and editing process.


Finally, one of the Veterinary Science students gave a really intelligent talk about why Veterinary Science is extremely important for global health, and must be considered alongside Medical Science to tackle world health issues.

It’s been a busy day, but everyone has produced a final project to be proud of that shows off all their hard work over the past few weeks!