Engineering, Exhibitions and Excitement

Hello everyone!

We’re coming to the end of CamPrep 2017, which means that the students have been completing final projects and preparing presentations and showcase exhibitions.

But first off, the major Law students spent the morning discussing a dispute over land taken from Bolivia by Chile in the War of the Pacific from 1879 to 1883. The class split into two groups, with half the students arguing the case for Bolivia, and the other half arguing for Chile. It was really great to see all the students engaging in a complex debate in such an intelligent and thoughtful manner. Aside from that, one of the Law students celebrated their 15th birthday today, so it was only right that the class had a birthday party!

image1 (2)

The photography students took a trip down memory lane, to their first days in Cambridge this summer. They revisited their most vivid memory of their arrival and took photos to record how they feel about it now. Everyone was really excited to think back to their arrival, and reflect on how much has happened the past few weeks.

Engineering students followed up on their previous lesson in Telecommunication Engineering with a hands-on activity where they built and tested a (plastic cup) phone. Impressively, these worked so well that they were could clearly hear the other person talking even when they were almost whispering. This activity was linked to discussions around the way in which microphones work, and was part of a lesson covering the developments and operations of the telephone since the days of Marconi.

This afternoon, one of the Veterinary Science students, Maria, took the opportunity to connect with Dr John Gibson, Director of Studies in Veterinary Science at Clare College and University Reader in Pathophysiology. Maria took the initiative to get in touch with Dr Gibson, and set up the meeting herself. She spent an hour talking with him about the admissions process and what it’s like to attend Cambridge as a Veterinary Science student. It’s great to see that both the CamPrep Program and the University of Cambridge has really made an impression on Maria, and motivated her to learn more about the University and her favourite subject! Here she is standing next to Dr Gibson on Clare bridge, next to the Scholar’s garden at Clare College.


Instead of the usual dinner in the dining hall this evening, the students had a BBQ in the College’s Deer Park. Their was once again a large variety of main and desert options, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be outside in the sun after the rainy last few days!


This evening saw the first of the end-of-program exhibitions. There was a Public Speaking debate about the merits of television for teenagers, and whether it’s a distraction or a form of relaxation. Global Politics students did a moderated discussion of global issues including the political situations in Syria and Russia, economic issues in China, and the future of the UK after Brexit. One of the Law students also gave a talk about Muslim women wearing their veil from a social and religious point-of-view, and the programme’s Law teacher, Paz, also gave a really insightful talk on Feminism.