Sun’s out, fun’s out!

Hi Parents,

Today started in classic Sunday fashion, with brunch!


After that, our first activity of the day was the second opportunity to visit the nearby town of Ely. Highlights included visiting the cathedral and climbing the tower to the roof.


The cathedral also houses a beautiful stained glass museum that tells the story of how the glass is made, its importance (particularly in the medieval period) and how it has been used to tell stories. The permanent gallery displays over 125 glass panels representing eight hundred years of the history, from the thirteenth century to the present day.


Students also went to an ‘Escape Room’ and came in the top ten of quickest escapes ever in Ely! They also visited the home of Oliver Cromwell, the English military and political leader and later Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Wales in the 17th Century.


Back in Peterhouse, there was a scavenger hunt around the college. Students had to search for and decipher clues in order to solve the final challenge.


Meanwhile, a large group of students visited the arcade with our two Activities Directors. They did some bowling, played games and went to see the new Spiderman film.


After a fun-filled day, the kids settled down in Peterhouse’s dining hall to a classic British meal: a Sunday roast.


The final activity of the day was a film screening of Iron Man in the theatre.

We hope you had a great weekend!

Love the CamPrep team 🙂