Football, Face Painting, and Falling Over!

Hi everyone!

Today, in the Global Politics major, the class held a model UN Security Council crisis, alongside the Espionage class. Students represented the USA, the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Turkey and Iran, and discussed the displacement of 20 million refugees due to a severe storm in South-East Asia. They negotiated how many refugees each country would take, and how to account for all those affected.

In the Filmmaking major and minor classes, work continued on the two short films they have been producing over the past few weeks. The students wrote the scripts, shot, and edited the films entirely themselves, and have recruited some of our staff members to act in the films! They have also learnt a great deal about camera angles, and how these can affect a film’s tone or portray a particular emotion.

Over the past three weeks, the Cosmology class have been reading and discussing Stephen Hawkings’ book ‘A Brief History of Time’. They have been learning equations, functions, derivatives and the logic behind equations, and this week, they took a field trip to the Cambridge Observatory, where they were given the opportunity to look at a Victorian telescope! They also visited Gonville and Caius College, the college which Stephen Hawking attended, where they were given a tour and told about his life and his time at Cambridge.

Our activities this afternoon were football-themed. Some of our students took a trip to the Cambridge United stadium, to watch the Cambridge team play against Southend United. Unfortunately, Southend won 2-0 (although our Program Assistant Izzy was delighted, as Southend is her hometown!).



While some of the students watched this match, others played a slightly lower standard of football, in a game of Bubble Football (which is probably better explained in picture than in words!).


Today also saw the arrival of the weekly dance, which this week was a UV paint party!