Special Edition: The OxTrad Weekly

In past years of The Oxford Tradition, the Journalism classes would finish the program with the production and distribution of a physical magazine. However, this year’s cohort wanted to bring The Oxford Tradition into the 21st century, and those of you at home have had the chance to read new, exciting content each week on The OxTrad Weekly website.

Today comes the culmination of the efforts of the past two weeks, with their first special edition of The OxTrad Weekly. Our students have been tackling the issue of homelessness in Oxford, investigating the story from as many angles as possible.

You can read about the work of the Crisis Skylight Café, a charity on the frontlines, the efforts of local police, or about the rising frustration of Oxford’s merchants. Fred Butler, an Oxford resident who only recently became homeless, allowed Nataly Hayashi and Angela Cordoba to follow his story for a week. The students even conducted video interviews with a number of homeless individuals.

Read all about it! Check out The OxTrad Weekly.