Medical Science Presentations

On Wednesday, the Medical Science students presented various topics to their classmates. This format enabled first a factual presentation outlining the topic’s medical relevance and dangers, before a student-led rigorous Q&A.

Topics ranged from ‘Arsenic Poisoning in the Workplace’ to ‘Farmers and Occupational Hazards’


In the ‘Arsenic Poisoning’ talk, workplace prevention occupied the first section of the Q&A, with the presenters detailing solutions relating to gas masks and urine tests. Further questioning related to the reasoning for the prominence of arsenic poisoning, with the presenters once more up to the task of outlying the importance of arsenic in the electronics manufacturing process. In order to put further perspective on the issue, Dr Ranavaya then provided a few anecdotes, even including how Indian women would use arsenic to gradually poison their husbands!


We also managed to sneak a small sample of the Farming talk!