Crime, Cupcakes and Cards…


Today saw an exciting collaboration between five classes (Criminology, Espionage, Medical Science, Molecular Biology, and Photography), in the form of a spy mission!

The students first attended a talk about poison, where they learnt about different poisons that have been used throughout history, and the effects they have on the human body.


While the students were in the talk, a crime scene was set up, complete with a note from the “killer” and an incriminating finger print, to be “discovered” while the students had a break after the talk.


The students were then split into groups, to do activities which would help them to solve the crime. These were: hair and fibre analysis, chromatography, fingerprint analysis, toxicology, testimony analysis, and DNA analysis. Every student got to have a go at each activity!


At the same time, the chemistry major had a great trip to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, which is the world’s first building bringing chemical engineering and biotechnology together under one roof!

After classes were over, there was still plenty of time for activities! First was swimming and archery…


… Next there was another cupcake decorating session…


… And finally, a poker night!


Tomorrow are the exciting Lincoln and London trips, so don’t forget to check out the blog to see what we all get up to!