Pepys, Paintings and Plays

Hi all!

The weather luckily cleared this afternoon, just in time for activities, including a scenic walk to Grantchester, tours of historic libraries, a Disney quiz and the final outdoor Shakespeare performance.

But before all that, the students had their Major class this morning. In the Studio Art class, the students made a start on their final projects, having previously written and submitted project proposals. They chose techniques according to their own interests, and even though they are in the early stages, the projects look extremely promising!





The students had two trips to historic libraries today, starting at the Perne library here at Peterhouse, before walking over to the Pepys library at Magdalene. In the Perne library, the students learned all about the history of the building, starting with Andrew Perne who donated the books, right through the English Civil War. The impressive collection includes Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and a first edition Copernicus. The students were even able to handle these books, and also learned about book illumination and printing.






In the Pepys library, the students saw a collection of 3000 books owned by Samuel Pepys housed in bookcases dating from the 17th century. On display were a copy of Samuel Pepys’s diary and an edition of Isaac Newton’s ‘Principia Mathematica’.


The day ended with a fun Disney and Pixar quiz,


as well as a final Shakespeare performance, this time of Hamlet in St John’s College.