International Relations’ Resolution

The Model UN of the International Relations was a successful event, here is their resolution

Drafted by the OxPrep International Relations Major class of 2017 at Oriel College, Oxford

S/RES/2368 (2017)

         25 July 2017

Resolution 2368 (2017)

Adopted by the Security Council on 25 July 2017 at its meeting in Oxford, United Kingdom

Resolution sponsors: Kingdom of Sweden, Federal Republic of Somalia, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Additional participants: Kingdom of Spain, Republic of France, People’s Republic of China, United States of America

Votes in favor of the resolution: 8
Abstentions: 1 (People’s Republic of China)

Vetoes: 0


The Security Council,

Guided by the principles outlined in the Charter of the United Nations, aimed at promoting international law and peace,

Noting with regret the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash,

Fully aware of the violations of the ceasefire agreed to in the Minsk Agreement,

Deeply concerned about the civil liberties and wellbeing of all peoples residing in Eastern Ukraine including minorities,

Alarmed by the human rights violations in Eastern Ukraine,

Seeking a peaceful settlement between all involved states,

Recalling the thirteen points of the Minsk Protocol signed in 2014

Recognizing the Trilateral Contact Group and its impact on the facilitation of a diplomatic settlement on the conflict,

  1. Endorses the Minsk bilateral ceasefire agreement adopted in 2015;
  2. Authorizes an objective investigation of the MH-17 downing by an unbiased third party agreed to by all states, under the following conditions:
    1. the Russian Federation shall hand over all relevant evidence that poses no        

detriment to Russian national security and wellbeing,

    1. agreeing that if protocol is breached and/or any Russian documents are made public, the investigation will be terminated and further investigations will not be conducted;
  1. Expands the buffer zone agreed to in the Minsk Agreement of 2015 from 50 km to 75 km [from each side];
  2. Promotes the increased presence of an OSCE peacekeeping operation in Eastern Ukraine to quell protests;
  3. Discourages any unauthorized military intervention by foreign powers within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine;
  4. Calls upon all parties to respect and protect the human rights of the civilians in the region.