Wonderful Wednesdays with Oxbridge

Wednesdays.. the middle-day of the week, one filled with the dynamic joviality of students yearning to take a respite from their busy week. This Wednesday, students had quite the busy day in terms of both their academics and activities.

Students of the neuropsychology class, led by Dr. Marini, watched The Awakenings— a movie based on the biography of British neurologist Oliver Sacks (played by the late Robin Williams) who experimented with the postitive effects of L-Dopa, a clinical treatment drug, on catatonic patients and observed the temporary ‘awakening’ effects it had on them before reverting to their original catatonic state. The spectacular characterization of Dr. Sacks and Leonard (a patient played by Robert DeNiro) moved several students to tears throughout the movie, as they empathized with Leonard learning about his inescapable predicament and the doctor trying his best to maintain his composure after the failure of his treatment.

The ADs organized quite an evening in terms of activities for students to partake in. Quite a few students decided to try their hand at a yoga class on the lawn outside the dorms, and it was the first time for a quite a few students who admitted that “they had no idea of what to expect”.  Therefore, yoga proved to be so successful that it was clamored to be brought back by popular demand this Friday.

Finally, the evening was completed by a special rendition of “Just Dance Oxbridge”, a dancing/karaoke night of songs featuring our very own College Experience Boston. Students had a blast jamming along to classics like Party in the USA, Waka Waka, Don’t Stop Believing, Despacito, Rock Star, and were enthusiastically joined along by our Activities Directors and Program Assistants.