Thrilling Thursdays with Oxbridge!

Thursdays with Oxbridge– trendy, tumultuous days filled with quite an array of things to accomplish before the College Experience Boston program winds down with its last few days remaining. This Thursday, like the other days of this week, was filled with the energized air of students buzzing around and eager to spend time with their friends and explore as much of the Boston area as they could before parting on Sunday.

Students of the Medicine Major class, led by Dr. Radhika Suresh, journeyed on their last class trip to the Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. While in the Institute, the students were taken on a mini-tour of the area and given fascinating insights on the institute’s images that illustrated various tumors and cellular parts of the body. The students also had the enthralling experience of visiting the actual laboratories where ground-breaking research has occurred, and were allowed to view the tumorous tissues of experimented specimen via microscopes and on Petri dishes. The students also were given an explanation of the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) technique that the chemical laboratory utilizes to separate and identify various components in a mixture through quantities like mass, protonation and ubiquitination.

Activities Directors organized the final two college tours of the program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Northeastern University. At Northeastern, students started off their visit by participating in an hour-long tour of the campus, orchestrated by a current fifth-year student, where they acquired a plethora of valuable information about the specifics of the admissions process, the culture and lifestyle of the Northeastern community, and the unique co-op learning program which gives students an opportunity to work hands-on in a field of their choice. On our tour, we visited the elaborately-constructed gymnasium which dated back from the nineteenth- century, the intricate student center, and a few of the (many) libraries on Northeastern’s campus. The tour concluded with our guide answering the students’ questions about the university and leaving the students with “food for thought” about what the ideal Northeastern student encompasses.


Finally, the end of the busy day was celebrated with the much-awaited announcement of the winning house team. After a meticulous tally by the ADs, Winthrop House, aka the ‘Winning House’, finished in first place with a whopping 1095 points, more than a 200 point lead over the next house team ‘Mather’ which finished second with a satisfactory 893 points. In last place was Lowell House, which finished with 676 points. Winthrop House celebrated their well-deserved victory by being treated to a sumptuous choice of ice-cream at the well-renowned desert establishment JP Licks. Program Director Sarah Westerberg, a member of Winthrop, relished in her teams’ victory by congratulating them for their initiative and cumulative effort in securing the win.