Quiz Game with Neuropsychology

This morning, in order to celebrate their last full-length major class and finally depart in an entertaining manner, the Neuropsychology class hosted an array of academic quiz games for the students to recall and recite the material they learned in a fun and engaging way. The Program Assistants were invited to oversee the games as impromptu “judges” and take part by determining which team had the dexterity to hit the coveted buzzer in the quickest time to correctly answer the questions.

The games started off with a recollection of the topics covered each week by the class, and progressively got more and more difficult as the teams pondered and ventured to answer the questions with a more tactile approach. Students did not miss any opportunity to engage in friendly jabs with their opposing team members, and their mutual encouragement worked wonders in terms of filling individual knowledge gaps. A particularly innovative game resulted in hysterical bouts of laughter as students had to try to explain to their opposite team member about a certain terminology without speaking.

Finally, the games concluded and with 35 points team “Frontal Lobe”, featuring students Lilit Krkasharian and Jemma Schapro,  had a massive lead to get the coveted first place. The dynamic duo persevered and coolly completed all the rounds of the games to reach first place. For their prize, they received their very own authentic neuropsychology laboratory coats. Congratulations to them both!