Field Trip Thursday: London/Windsor & Warwick/The Cotswolds

What looked like might be a dreary, rainy day, turned out to be one of the best field trip days in this Blogger’s OxPrep History!

After picking up their bagged lunches of crisps, water, and Pret-a-Manger sandwiches, the OxPreppers were off to explore some classic English sights.

One bus of students had chose to take a bus tour of London which would precede a trip to Windsor. With the Blue Badge Guide of the Year, about a fourth of the program traveled through London viewing all the most important stops and learning a lot about the history of the city.
Afterwards, the bus headed to the city of Windsor, where the Preppers were given time to explore the shops and sights – some choosing to take a leisurely afternoon tea with friends, others keen for more sightseeing and going to Windsor Castle.

In the other direction, the remaining Preppers headed to Warwick Castle to explore the walls, the gardens, watch the trebuchet and falconry shows.
Once the castle was covered from motte to bailey, the Preppers boarded their buses to head to different Cotswold villages: Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, and Burford. Each town special and unique in their own way.
Here are a few pictures from Warwick and Bibury

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Upon on our return, the Preppers could sit back and relax with a movie night or stretch out their legs with a little contemporary dance.

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