NYCE Cruise Tour

As the days approach the end of the program, many student wanted to experience New York City in it’s most beautiful state. That is why we decided to book a cruise tour for our students as our last activity for the month! We walked aboard a cruise that would bring us around the Hudson River and tour through many historical landmarks along the way, such as the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and even the Statue of Liberty. Some students left with gorgeous pictures while others decided to even have their portraits taken upon the cruise before watching the sunset.

We hope all of our students were able to see the variety of way New York can be a wonderful place to be. Whether shopping on the streets, eating at some of the best restaurants, watching Broadway musicals, playing sports in the park, visiting prestigious universities, or touring along the Hudson River, there are always fun activities happening around the city that never sleeps!

Thank you to everyone who signed up and participated in the activities we planned for you this month.

– Activities Directors