Cells, Creatures and Creativity!

Hello parents!

There were major and minor classes running today. The filmmaking classes got to work on shooting their films, with the help of some stellar acting performances from our Activities Directors and Program Assistants.20250985_10210039358161944_191926722_o.jpg


The molecular biology major class were combining science and the arts by making images of cancer cells with bubble art.



The Molecular Biology minor class teamed up with our Medical Scientists to learn about how bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics and how we can tell bacteria apart. The students then took some sterile swabs to get samples from items around the college. These included door handles, toilet seats and their phones! They then streaked these out onto agar plates (a jelly-like substance containing all the nutrients bacteria need to grow). These have been taken to the Department of Biochemistry to incubate over the weekend and they will look at them next week to see what bacteria grow!

After the practical, the students brainstormed ideas for solving the antibiotic crisis and simulated the TV show Dragon’s Den (the UK version of Shark Tank). They had some fantastic ideas, including targeting receptors on bacterial cells, phage therapy and using natural products such as garlic in a “nature pill”!

The Veterinary Science students rescued two teddy bears (Tom and Teddy) that had tummy problems and performed surgery (an exploratory laparotomy) on them. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, the teddy bears hale and hearty, and the students very happy.


Later on, the minor students were also practising their surgical skills on bananas. 20170719_154230

During lessons there was lots of cake eaten in the CamPrep office, as it was our Activities Director Tim’s 21st birthday!


After lessons, some of the students headed to play wide games at Queens’ Backs, playing fields which back onto the River Cam, whilst others sat down for a more relaxed movie afternoon.

We also had a guest speaker today, Dr Matt Wilkinson, a zoologist giving a talk entitled Restless Creatures. He spoke to the students about how animals became locomotive.

Finally, at 8pm, one of our Deans, Bill, led juggling lessons in the Deer Park.  This concluded a busy day, so that our students could get some rest before the trip to Canterbury tomorrow!