Shakespeare, Circles and Salsa…

Hello Parents!

Today was major classes only, which meant lots of time for activities. The classes themselves were, as usual, very interesting – Professor Jim Basker, founder of Oxbridge Academic Programs, gave talks to some classes about the role poetry played in ending the slave trade, while Criminology and Espionage visited the Institute for Archaeological Research, with Dr. Jenna Dittmar.


Luckily the sun was out, because so many of our activities were based outdoors. First was canoeing, where the students went away from the Cambridge colleges toward Granchester, along a very peaceful part of the Cam.

Next came punting, where the students navigated a less peaceful stretch of river, busy with tourists. They saw the beautiful college backs from the river, and learnt about the history of the central colleges, too.

The final outdoor activity was a visit to the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival to watch an incredible, energised production of Much Ado About Nothing in King’s College Gardens.

There was also a whole host of indoor activities, too. First up was making dream catchers and friendship bracelets. fullsizeoutput_f0

Next up was an eye-opening talk by Dr Chris Sangwin, How Round is your Circle? Chris explained that roundness is a very important concept in engineering, and that numerous methods have been developed to measure roundess. The aim of Chris and his colleagues is to disprove the theories for roundness, and every current test for roundness can indeed be disproven by their methods. This has important real-world consequences, because many machines are designed with components that are assumed to be perfectly round, and the fact that they are actually not round can cause them to malfunction.

Finally, the students had another chance to give salsa a try. Some people came back for a second go, but the class was also filled with studnets who had heard great things about the first class and wanted to try it for the first time!

The week only gets better, so come back tomorrow for more news!