“Building Lifelong Friendships” by Trinity Gabato & Eva Arad

As the Oxbridge Academy at UCLA began June 29th, a true friendship blossomed between Eva and Trinity. As they embarked on an incredible journey, exploring Los Angeles, they acquired memorable experiences together.

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The summer before senior year is supposed to be the summer where you find out more about yourself and the person you want to become; Oxbridge at UCLA has given me the opportunity to do just that. I have made so many memories and through my major, I have truly found my passion. My dreams of working in the film business have always seemed so difficult to accomplish and this summer program has made me crave to reach for the stars. Not only have I figured out more about who I am, but I found a friend that has helped me grow. For the past 18 days we’ve had every meal together, have watched multitudes of episodes on Netflix, and gone to an amazing amount of art museums.

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At the Hammer Museum, which is the UCLA campus art museum, they put on a concert every Thursday night. This has been a place of escape and rejuvenation for Eva and me. We have a chance to be immersed in the nightlife of Los Angeles, surrounded by creative minds, art, and music. We end this night with an disproportional amount of pancakes, milkshakes, and hash browns from Denny’s, a place that has helped us eat towards a stronger friendship.

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Although this isn’t my first time taking part in the Oxbridge Academic Program, this time has been especially memorable for me, for a variety of reasons. As I entered the program, I was so overcome with the thought of traveling to the MOCA museum, seeing downtown LA, and shopping at Santa Monica Pier, that I hadn’t even considered the fact that I was going to meet one of the closest people to me now. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to look back on this exceptional experience, and know I had Trinity with me from the very start. During the past 18 days, Trinity and I have been on multiple adventures throughout LA’s hotspots; one of my favorite activities dates way back to our first day out upon arrival, when we went out and explored Santa Monica Pier. Still being one of my favorite events yet at UCLA Oxbridge, Trinity and I got to really know each other while strolling through the

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Promenade, while shopping and spending all our parents’ money on the first day. Since that day, Trin and I were inseparable, literally inseparable, to the point where we would sign up name by name for each activity. Most importantly,  we’ve had each other’s backs since day 1. Thanks to the Oxbridge Academic Program at UCLA, I now have someone I can call my best friend, and plenty of memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.


Love, Trinity and Eva

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