Director’s Update Week 3

Parents and Guardians,

Three weeks have flown by here at the New York College Experience. Students have had the opportunity to visit Columbia University, NYU, Vassar, Yale, Princeton, Brown and UPenn. At each school, they encountered current students and explored the campus. This third week was filled with fun-filled events, from the Tuesday afternoon at Coney Island to the Friday evening exploration of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. After last night’s excursion to see the Mets game, I am sure that many people will be sleeping late on Sunday morning.

Major and Minor classes continue to delve into their subjects using NYC as their classroom. The Medical Science students went to Jersey College School of Nursing for some practical experience. The Art History students were guided through the American Wing of the Met by an expert curator. The Fashion majors strolled Fifth Avenue discussion the latest trends in the window displays.  The musical theater students attended an improv musical and the latest Canadian import to Broadway COME FROM AWAY. All of the students have had the opportunity to experience New York with their teachers as mentors.

This upcoming final week together is full of special events to celebrate the students’ accomplishments during the summer. A Talent Show on Sunday evening and an open-mic coffee house on Tuesday will showcase student performances, where creative writers, public speakers, and others will share their work. On Thursday afternoon, the Art Gallery in the Diana Center will feature the creations that our Fine Arts students and budding photographers have produced over the course of the month, and each floor of the Diana Center and the Altschul Atrium will feature class presentations where students will have the opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers. Student performances continue on Thursday evening with the Filmmaking and Fashion classes showcasing what they learned. The Musical Theater Performance, the Final Banquet, Awards Ceremony, and Dance will take place on Friday night, and, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the first buses will depart Barnard College, and the tearful goodbyes will commence.

By this time next Saturday, all students will be on their way home to all four corners of the world.  We have been in contact with you if there were any questions about departure flights or details, but if there is a change of plan, please contact the program office. Please be sure to alert us if you paid the airline fee for your child to travel as an unaccompanied minor so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

We still have one last week to share the magical experience that is NYCE 2017. I know everyone will make the most of it.

Kevin B. Held

NYCE Director