Ye Olde English Fête

Yesterday was absolutely packed with fun for our students, starting with a traditional English fête.

In the United Kingdom, fêtes are small-scale public festivals held outdoors with a various entertainments, and the sale of refreshments. A summer staple for local schools and Churches, they are often held to raise funds for charity or local causes. The Oxford Tradition fête was hosted by a local primary school, which led to a lot of nostalgia from the British staff!



We all enjoyed the afternoon, taking pleasure in the face-painting, gladiator battles, a birds of prey display, and sumo wrestling!



The students got a surprise when the powers to be within the program office decided to treat everyone to their choice of dessert from a nearby ice cream van! One of the enduring myths of modern Britain is that before she entered politics, Margaret Thatcher was a member of the team that developed the classic Mr Whippy soft-serve ice cream. Unfortunately, while she did spend time perfecting cake and pie fillings after receiving her degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, there is no evidence she had any involvement with Mr Whippy.