Supersonic Saturday

Saturday was full on for the Preppers, a real 9-to-9 day! The major classes wrapped up their second week of classes in a variety of fashions: Photography took photos of the Speech and Debate class, Medical Science had a guest speaker, Biotechnology revealed their crystals and headed to the botanical gardens, Business and Finance created marketing strategies and then made short commercials to sell their products.

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Midday brought our assembly, where we celebrated a birthday and took our program photo

The afternoon was when the real fun began! Our amazing Activities Directors had organized a program that kept the Preppers full of fun and food!
First, there were two sessions of fencing where the Preppers learned about Quintes and Pistes – en garde!

Meanwhile, the Ladies Wimbledon final was also occurring, and the Preppers were treated to the game and piles of pizza!

The highlight of the night was certainly the Neon Bop, with balloons, bubbles, face-paint, lights, and bright clothing – the Preppers danced until they nearly dropped! Even the staff members enjoyed themselves on the floor!

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The party continued on into the Third Quad during evening check-in, where the remaining pizza was gobbled up, and everyone went to bed with happy feet and bellies!

Huge kudos to Chen and Cam for organizing such a fantastic day.
Sunday also has a massive line up with the Men’s Wimbledon final, British Grand Prix, Ice Skating Disco, and an evening concert!