Highlight: Biotech

Last week, Celine, our biotech teacher shared that her class was creating some fantastical crystals in their class and this weekend was the big reveal! After having a little picnic breakfast, the class looked at what had grown, and the results were beautiful!

Afterward, the class headed to the Botanical Gardens to investigate the various biological species found in different climates.

Celine writes,

The little fishes in the pond almost had more success at finding food than the plants! (they come and eat your dead skin in the water)
We had a look at the plants for chemistry, and we played with the plants that can sense when you press on them: their leaves fold up and close! The insect-eating plant was one of the topics and favorites of my class, because it uses tiny hair on the surface that  when it is wet, becomes slippery for ants and then traps them. There is research made on that kind of material, about which we discussed in class.

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