Ely and Origami…

Today was the first day without classes, so it of course started with a lie in. Breakfast was served later than usual, and with a twist – it was brunch in the Deer Park!

Of course, just because there were no classes did not mean that there was a shortage of things to do. Straight after brunch, students had the option to set off for Ely for the day, or to play games in the sports hall.

The trip to Ely was a huge success. The students visited a number of attractions – the magnificent cathedral, the fascinating Ely and Oliver Cromwell Museums, the funny bicycle boats and the taxing English Civil War themed Escape Room. When they weren’t doing these activities, they had a wonderful time exploring the sites that the pretty old town of Ely has to offer.


For those that preferred to spend their morning playing sports, basketball, tennis, netball and badminton were on offer, and everyone had a great time! Also, in line with the sporting theme, the men’s Wimbledon final was shown in the theatre in the afternoon, so people could watch Federer beat Cilic and win his eighth Wimbledon title.

The afternoon also gave the students a chance to try their hand at origami. The results were fantastic, as you can see below!

Finally, the day was rounded off with a poker night, where beginners and experts alike were welcome to play.

Classes start again tomorrow, but they’re so interesting that no one minds! The week will be packed with more brilliant activities, too, from a spy mission, to Shakespeare to swimming, so keep reading!