A Study Of Bourdin

This week, the photography major studied the works of one of the most ground breaking fashion photographers of the 20th century, French photographer and artist Guy Bourdin.

Bourdin broke all norms and traditions which the other masters followed. He was almost a rebel in his own right. His fashion spreads and advertising campaigns were evocative, provocative, sexually charged, highly mysterious, and almost sinister; without any obvious signs of horror or sex. The students studied his works and read texts about his style and process.

After this, they were given an assignment wherein they had to create one image each based on his style. The brief given to them was ‘Legs and Colour’. They couldn’t use more than 3 colours in their frames and couldn’t photograph any body part other than legs. The images are meant for an upmarket, glossy fashion/style magazine.

Here are some of the final images handed in. We are really proud of them for creating these unusual and captivating images!

Madeleine Helesic

Leila Shea

Elizabeth Goldhagen

Karina Garza

Charles Ciporin

Sophia Valentino

Bailey Wu

Elena Bauer

Elisa Peroglio Carus

Elli Dark